Minister of Justice Visiting the RJ Center in Toruń

On August 26, 2015 Minister of Justice Borys Budka visited the Restorative Justice Center in Toruń. The visit started with a meeting with heads and Judges from both District and Circuit Courts, as well as representatives of partners collaborating in a research project funded by National Center for Research and Development, titled ‚Pilot implementation of the Community Court model in Poland’. Representatives of Nicolas Copernicus University – the project leader – as well as Court Watch Poland Foundation and the staff of RJ Center in Toruń, were present. The Minister was accompanied by Ministry’s General Director Eliza Wójcik, dr Adam Niedzielski, Head of Departament of Strategy and European Funds, and dr Sławomir Stasiorowski, main expert at the Department of Enforcement and Probation. After the concept of the RJ Center was introduced, Minister Budka told the local media:
It is a great initiative. The potential of these young and energetic people from Court Watch Poland Foundation needs to be used. I wish this idea could become an inspiration to other places or organizations, to attempt creating something similar. It resonates well with recent changes in the penal code. It would be great, if more and more convicts did community service instead of going to prison. Therefore, such good examples as this one should be promoted.